Aims and Scopes

The Journal of Sports Analytics (JSA) is a new high-quality research journal that aims to be the central forum for the discussion of practical applications of sports analytics research, serving team owners, general managers, coaches, fans, and academics.

We invite analytical research on any single sport or across sports that seeks to improve our understanding of the game or strategies for improving a team or a league.

Example topics include but are not limited to:

  • player evaluation
  • game strategies
  • sports business
  • roster construction
  • contract negotiations
  • data visualization
  • physics in sports
  • draft analysis
  • sport psychology
  • coaching evaluation
  • technology in sports
  • rule changes
  • referee analytics
  • health and injuries
  • sports awards
  • sports records


We are currently soliciting general submissions for future issues.

In addition, research papers resulting from GLASC presentations will be submitted for a special issue. Simply use the same submit button as below but specify GLASC in your cover letter.

Also, applied and practitioner-focused papers at NESSIS shall be submitted to the JSA. Please use the same link as below and specify that it is for a special issue when submitting.

There will be no author submission or publication fees for at least the first two volumes. All submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed. As experts in the field, submissions by members of our editorial board are also welcomed; such submissions will be carefully managed to ensure the integrity, privacy, and independence of the review. Initial submissions must be in PDF format and anonymized (names, affiliations, and acknowledgments removed), but otherwise may be in any convenient style. There are no page limits. If accepted for publication, your paper must be revised to meet our style guidelines.

Your submission may not be under review at any other journal while it is under review at the Journal of Sports Analytics and it may not have been previously published or accepted for publication in a journal. Presentations at conferences, appearances in conference proceedings, and working papers posted online are typically not considered as previous publication, and such submissions are welcomed. It is often useful to incorporate comments from seminars and conferences into a longer, more detailed version to submit to the journal for review.

For style guidelines for accepted papers, please click the "Manuscript submission & Author instructions" tab here on the IOS Press website.

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Subscriptions and Access

The contents of at least the first two volumes will be freely available online. Hard copy subscriptions are also available.

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